Saturday, February 3, 2007

Jitterbug Ponk (Golden Dust for Vit)

Jitterbug Ponk (Golden Dust for Vit) 5:39

This is a pre-avatrix track that was made as a tribute to Vit, the wonderous liminal avatrice that brings so much inspiration these days. The sounds used in this track comes from the Mesh party at InTheGrid in Chicago on the friday 26th of jan. At this poetry and music party that took place both in Second Life and Real Life Björn Eriksson was playing some wild improvised clarinets and more while avatar Miulew Takahe was supervising the whole thing. Please feel free to read Jason Pettus blog posting on this at:

Track description:

A high drone - along with some lowpitched voices and speeded up clarinets starts this track. Soon a kids glockenspiel adds up to Björn's "Say when!" refereng to when to start the transmission thru Skype into the Second Life Mesh party. Soon the gold dust sweeps in... consisting of fine grains of pure gold. Interdialog between mesh and Björn's place takes the piece into some backward soundings of anothes gold dust sweeps... mixed in with mesh sounds... clarinets... voices. Some accompanying metal stick sounds from garden 2005 points out some timestamps to remember. In the end some wild distorted clarinets brings the piece to a disturbing place not far from here. . . but i guess this ain't the place. Well. . . . i guess you better just listen! This is considered a ponk piece. Hope you like it!

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